Zentoo Smiley is Touchpoint 2016

De Zentoo Smiley is opgenomen in het annual repport 2016 van de Messe Frankfurt. De Zentoo Smiley is één van de 32 producten / touchpoints die uitgelicht is in dit rapport. Een groot compliment voor de originaliteit van het product. De Zentoo Smiley werd afgelopen jaar gepresenteerd op de beurs Floradecora - Christmasworld.

Zentoo ○ DIY Smiley ○ Floradecora - Christmasworld

In December 1963, American commercial artist Harvey Ball had an idea. He drew two dots and a curved line inside a circle on yellow paper. He sold the design for US$ 45 to the State Mutual Assurance Company of America, which had the image reproduced on badges which it handed out to its employees. The smiley face was born. Ball’s drawing was a success story around the world and today is the most well-known symbol for happiness. Arjan van der Voort, general manager of the chrysanthemum nursery Zentoo has also cottoned on to the fact that good cheer sells well. Packaged as a do-it-yourself set, the Dutch company offers presentation and decoration packages of cut flowers for florists and retailers.