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Want to try something new? We are always creating new chrysanthemum varieties. View our inspiration moodboards for the latest trends.

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About Zentoo

Zentoo, the Colourful Collective. A passionate group of growers with a mission: to grow the best chrysanthemums together and to inspire as many people as possible with colourful flowers. Learn more about Zentoo’s background.

About Zentoo



About Zentoo


Zentoo is an association and a brand, founded in 2007. We are a group of twelve passionate growers and colleagues. And busy every day with full energy to grow the best flowers. We all have our own ‘garden’, but we share knowledge and our sales under one brand name: Zentoo. With one goal: to make everyone as crazy about chrysanthemums as we are. Oh, and another goal: to make the best European quality brand chrysanthemums. So that the choice for quality and colourful variation becomes easy for you.

Unprecedented wide range

Working together means complementing each other and bringing out the best in each other. Some growers excel in our basic collection. They know down to the smallest details how to produce beautiful, strong stems exactly according to plan. Other growers are always up for new varieties. They love nothing more than to discover how they can grow the best quality from new varieties and colours. Together we offer an unprecedented wide range of colours and types of chrysanthemums. Throughout the year.

A deal is a deal

Because we operate as a collective, we are always there for each other. We reinforce and complement each other. And more importantly: we keep our agreements. To each other, but especially to you, the customer!

With guts and energy

We are not of the beaten track. Zentoo is stubborn and likes to stand out. We think that things can often be done differently and better. An example? We undertake with guts, preferably moving forward together at full speed. With the collective and together with the customer.

Sent by Zentoo

If you are looking for flower treasures. For carefully selected flowers. Something special. The freshest and most exciting strains. If you are looking for the most beautiful flowers out there. An inspiring mix of florals, or custom selections and seasonal specials. Packed in a box, just for you.

You found it. We’re on it!

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