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About Zentoo

Zentoo, the Colourful Collective. A passionate group of growers with a mission: to grow the best chrysanthemums together and to inspire as many people as possible with colourful flowers. Learn more about Zentoo’s background.

About Zentoo



Sustainability? Of course!

Growing flowers with passion and not working sustainably? That is not the case with us. So we do work sustainably. Of course! Our chrysanthemums make the world happier, in every way. Just like our people and production processes.

How do we do that, working sustainably? Drie pillars:

Pillar 1

Zentoo and all its growers are members of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI 2025) and meet all requirements. Our products are therefore certified with MPS-A en MPS-GAP.

Pillar 2

Our crop protection is maximally organic. We use as few chemicals as possible and grow our chrysanthemums neonicotionide-free or bee-friendly.

Pillar 3

Zentoo’s growers use sustainable energy sources. For the growth of our products, we use CO2 that is a residual product from Shell’s processes in Rotterdam, among other things. We heat our greenhouses with, among other things, geothermal and residual heat from power plants instead of natural gas. We generate a lot of electricity ourselves with large numbers of solar panels. This drastically reduces energy consumption.

Being able to guarantee good quality year-round means providing greenhouses with assimilation lighting. We are increasingly focusing on LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.


Zentoo has strict quality standards, laid down in the quality manual. Zentoo deploys its own quality controller to check quality. The product is checked on a daily basis and all companies are visited every two weeks. The audits for the GAP certificates are held annually at all locations. All products are delivered precooled from the nursery at 8-10 degrees. All Zentoo members run a study club at each other’s companies every 2 weeks to learn from and with each other.

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