Just everything from Zentoo in a row and easily make a choice? You can search by color, shape or name. Then quickly go to the overview of our varieties.

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Want to try something new? We are always creating new chrysanthemum varieties. View our inspiration moodboards for the latest trends.

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About Zentoo

Zentoo, the Colourful Collective. A passionate group of growers with a mission: to grow the best chrysanthemums together and to inspire as many people as possible with colourful flowers. Learn more about Zentoo’s background.

About Zentoo



The Colourful Collective

Arty Wedding

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Green Your World

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Human Touch

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Perfect Wedding

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Zentoo, the Colourful Collective

Zentoo is a collective of passionate chrysanthemum growers. We work together to offer a colourful collection that is full of diversity.

At Zentoo you can see how you can make more from chrysanthemums. That’s why we always offer you something new. (Too) crazy promotions, new varieties, twice a year a catalog full of inspiration and more. Take a look at our collection and be inspired. We go for the best quality and often we do that slightly differently than the rest! You can rely on that. We are Zentoo.

— Colourful people —

Okay, we can’t ignore it, we love chrysanthemums. If you ask us, the most beautiful, versatile and strongest flowers in the world. So yes, you will of course see us shining between our harvest! Seeing all those variations bloom every day is a party for us, you can’t make us more proud.

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Zentoo Catalogus 2022

NEW! Our catalogue

Our new eye-catching collection is crazy! You will certainly be happy with this. You will find all our varieties, more than a hundred. Curious what’s new? Our newcomers receive extra attention. Do you already know ‘Smeraldo’, or our ‘Pastela Bellini’? Bring on that summer, we are ready for it!

View the full catalogue here. 

— Discover the Colourful Collective —

Chrysanthemums symbolize happiness, loyalty, honesty and friendship. The perfect gift to give or receive.

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-Stay inspired!-

Do you want to be the first to sneak a peek at new varieties? Want to see the latest trends? Or à la minute images of our photoshoots and be inspired by arrangements with our chrysanthemums? That’s all possible.

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